Pop up - Week / Guimaraes / Portugal / Culural Capital 2012

This project was part, or an extension, of the Cultural Capital Porject; "Descobrir Guimarães" in 2012 by Irena Übler.

About “Find Your Guimarães”

“Find Your Guimarães” provides several interactive pathways through which digital and analog elements are strategically placed throughout the city, uncovering and emphasizing memories and either iconic or unknown spots. Visitors are invited to take part in a narrative process, from the record of their own views and experiences of the city. This recording process takes place through the analog signage circuit– compounding an ever changing public sculpture built by the visitors – which is complemented by a digital circuit – a mobile application accessing an online network for sharing experiences. Throughout the year of 2012, the installation will transform its narrative and grow regarding the activities of the cultural capital.

Interactive Sign / build with arduino

The signs on which I was working, were created to guide visitors to the Pop-Up week in "Couros", a part of Guimarães, situated on a small river. It was the area of the former textile industry. The old tanks of the industry still remain. Therefore I created an interactive tile, which gave an audio output if someone passed by. It tryied to communicate with the cultural capital visitors, as well as with the inhabitants. It gave bits of information in both languages, english and portuguese, and tried to guide you to hidden, curious places, or told you forgotten stories about the former textile industries.

I collected stories, memories, historical facts all around the textile industry, which was quite difficult, because not that many people rememberd those times almost 100 years ago. But finally I could find a caro senhor, who was obsessed with the history of Couros and new everything about it. He could tell many stories about strange figures, who hang out in his tasca (restaurant).