Heizraum is an experimental music and artistic performance night that conducts research at the interface of popular music, sound art, experimental electronics and sound performance. The series was founded in Oktober 2012 shortly following the opening of ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistic, Berlin-Moabit.

Coming Series

How easily we forget that each of us were once without language. We made noises to the world and later words were formed and used. Even then we continued from time to time just to make sounds, to sing, to create bizzare rhythms in our exploration of the unknown. Heizraum, guided and curated by Adrian Schindler has thus far taught us that the gift of listening is equally lost with age. To the mind of an infant - oblivious of the very concept 'room' - the 'raum would exist only as sound, smell, light, temperature or texture*. In this manner of haptic & playful inquiry the coming series will take the live as a point of departure from which to explore contemporary knowledge production and the field of linguistics. The 2015 series will therefore attempt to communicate with the reverberations emanating from the 'raum until now. Working to build a vocabulary with which to compose a place of reflection, quality and excitement. 

It is hoped that each event will be developed holistically with each artist or practitioner, relaying parts of this process back into the very fabric of Heizraum itself. 



Heizraum will start with a new concept and programm in February 2015!

Posters of previous Heizraum Sessions: