The 3rd part of my thesis is about the curious, in itself, wrong theory of Dr. Pilzbarth who had apparently a clinic in baden where he was practicing his theory. His goal was to overcome human nature in order to go further in the evolution. In his point of few the construction of the human body is out of date. It is mental and physical insufficiently equipped, which does not allow Man to adapt to the environment adequately. That causes all the problems of modern live, and explains the dissatisfaction of people with their own body. Pilzbarth wanted to change the form of humans and enable people to choose their appearance. The Human shouldn’t be forced by nature. The whole story was made up by the Swiss artist Margaretha Dubach and her husband Jürg Willi, who dedicated a whole museum to him. With creating this satirical figure, they criticize psychology and got even mantioned in some reference books. In my animation I show the main objective of Dr. Pilzbarth's theory, in a illustrative way.


//// sound by Francisco Martins Petrucci & Manuel Carvalho //// voice by Brian Gray